U2U CAML Query Builder

U2U CAML Query Builder 4.0

Generate and manage SharePoint models or services (See all)

Automate the work of a server environment dealing with the SharePoint object models and related web services. Select the background mode and automate the process of management, creation, and monitoring of CAML queries. Build elements for shared services without accessing DLL files.

With this tool you can easily build CAML queries for SPQuery in the SharePoint object model and for querying and updating lists via the SharePoint web service Lists.asmx. The user interface is very intuitive and is explained on the next pages.

The tool can run on the server where you can build queries for both the SharePoint object model and the SharePoint web services. You can also install the tool on a client but in that case you can only build queries for the SharePoint web services as you won't have access the SharePoint dlls.

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